APAD organizes various activities annually such as art exhibitions, art classes, art courses and seminars.

Art Exhibitions

The “CONTEMPORARY” series of art exhibitions have generated a varied showcase of art pieces by both members and invited artists. This exhibition features invited artists (both local and foreign) to enhance as well as to foster greater friendship and goodwill among fellow artists.

Apart from that, there is the “ACTION” series of art exhibitions. It was first introduced in 1990. It is to provide an opportunity for the ‘young’ members (especially those between 16 to 40 years of age) to present their latest and best works. In many ways, this exhibition would help to encourage these youngsters to be constantly creative and productive.

The association also hold special art shows in conjunction with the association’s anniversary or during events like the Cultural Month. Some of these past events were organized in collaboration with other organizations.

Children’s Art Exhibition

The spectrum of activities further encompass our Children’s Art Exhibition, named “TUNAS”, specifically tailored and staged for young art tyros. Since 1977, the association had organized ten such “TUNAS” exhibitions.

The objective of this exhibition has enhanced the association’s role as a channel in developing the artistic abilities of the young. We hoped that this type of exhibition will be a prelude for our young children ‘artists’ to pursue diligently in the world of art.

Art Classes & Course

The association conducts art classes that were first initiated in 1964. The classes are taught by our artist members. The art session caters mainly for children, between the age of 5 to 12 years along with other secondary school students and interested adults. The session are held at our centre or at neighbourhood schools for the convenience of our students.

Besides fine art, the association also conducts, from time to time, batik painting and other art related courses. These courses were popular among youths and adults.

An annual ‘Art Outing & Family Day’ is also organized to generate public awareness towards our programme.

Other Activities

From time to time, the association has organized relevant activities that proved beneficial to the artistic development of its members. Among them were the series of talks on art featuring prominent local and foreign artists. We had also invited overseas artist for the ‘Artists-In-Residence’ scheme. The course on how to understand and teach children’s art that is targeted towards kindergarten teachers and parents were also well received in the past. Many had benefited from the above activities.

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